Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Upcoming Movie Critic Section

So I'm gonna start doing a bi-weekly video section where I review movies that are said to be "classics." That is to say "films which have such undying appeal and immaculate story/acting that they have and will continue to stand the test of time and shall inspire generations to come" That is to say "high expectations." And we all know where high expectations get you COUGHavatarCOUGH.

So we're looking at reviews for films like Citizen Kane, A Streetcar Named Desire, the Godfather, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and It's a Wonderful Life. If you have any classic films you want to see reviewed by a highly opinionated, cynical, jaded 20 year old who enjoys his thesaurus too much for his own good, then let me know in the comments. They can be old or new, color or black and white, but they have to be considered classics. If you don't know what a classic is, then either read the beginning of this post or go to Wikipedia, you uncouth brigand.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello, world.

Well, if you've come to this site, then you clearly have too much free time and wish to see me debase myself for the internet public. Well, I'm nothing if not pragmatic! Here's gonna be some Vlogs, Blogs, and skits that I film and find the time/will to edit and post. So enough of that, go do something productive while I come up with something clever to post. Go on, Shoo.