Monday, May 17, 2010

Well, these days...

So my weekend is Monday/Tuesday, and I work early on both Saturday/Sunday, so rough translation is that I've been living like a hermit with either work or home being my summer getaways. Living at home is getting worse, (such a HUGE surprise,) with good-ol' daddy flying off the handle at everything from eating a grapefruit crooked to replacing a light bulb with a 60 watt instead of an 80 watt. I'm spending more and more time away from home, either working out or just leaving to do some arbitrary errand to get away from the madhouse. My feet are sore from walking on eggshells morning to night, (10 points for clever analogy.)

On the plus side, I've got full time, am making 850 a paycheck, and Thomas is back in the city. Good times are sure to follow. Needed a summer project, so I'm working on an opera for no good reason. I think the story is solid, and I've finished the first scene, music and all. Took me close to 3 weeks though, so I may need some help if I want to get this thing finished inside of 4 months. Still planning on doing classics critic, but I need a gimmick. I'll think of something.

Takin a vacation from July 18-23. Debating weather to have a 5 day hottub party and keg'r for like 40 people or go on a road trip to BC with a few friends and a video camera. I'd LIKE to do the keg'r hottub party, but honestly I don't trust people anymore. I'm about 60% sure I'd waste like $800 and have almost nobody show up. I'll make a facebook interest group for the hell of it, but people are lame these days.

Time to go write the libretto for scene three. Get to have some fun writing the lecherous gardener "spreading his seed" and "trimming the bush." God, I'm so clever.