Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wasn't I writing a play at some point?

So Opera is a TOUCH harder than I had anticipated, and trying to sync my music ideas with my story without making the whole thing cluttered and disorganized seemed too much like work. So I pulled out an old unfinished script for a short 2 act play, and...now this is remarkable...actually finished it. I cracked a beer in celebration. Of course, I was gonna do that anyway, but who cares.

So I'll be workshopping it with some friends and editing this and that, (kinda hard, since I always think my first draft is a masterpiece), then I'll take it to whoever runs the Fringe and get it put on. Seriously, if some of the tripe I saw last year made it into the Off Broadway, then this script should have no problems getting in. So come on down to the Fringe and see my (hopefully) first stage play, "Anemone."

Hell, maybe it'll actually turn out good.

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  1. Sick shit Bro! better get a troop together, hope it works out.