Friday, March 12, 2010

Day One: Done. Now for the Hard Part

Well, we filmed roughly HALF the short film yesterday, with the bonus that we now have some tangible work on camera done. It gives me a feeling of being past the point of no return, and contrary to what someone might think, it's actually quite liberating and relieving. It's as if a some greater force has reached down and said "No backing out now, wuss. Come hell or high water, you are FINISHING this movie." 1001 thanks to Mike for filming this, and putting up with the oddity of the script and filming sequence. I'm not sure if it's him having faith in the script, or me as a director/writer, or if he's just helping out a friend. In any case, I'm glad he's on board. Hell, without him, we don't even have a ship to be ON board.

So now we need to film 6 more scenes in 3 different locations. I'm hoping to shoot it all, minus the party scene which is gonna take 8 people, in one day. Monday. Shit, I've gotta go make some phone calls. Update later!

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