Friday, March 19, 2010

A Plea

A generation is defined by how they are remembered. Defined by their actions, by their ideas, and by the records that they leave behind. So I ask all free thinking people of our generation to consider the record we leave behind in our intellectual mediums. In our books, in our articles, in our art, and in our film. If we allow this current trend of lowbrow pandering to baser impulses and superficial visceral pleasures, how will we be remembered. The basis of all intellectual medium must be the projection and exploration of an idea. I look upon the expanse of art, book, and film of the modern age as a desert where a proud oasis once stood; the land now choked with corporate shill productions and shameless trend panderers, starving our intellect and killing our spirit. And when our descendants look back on the desert we left them, how will they judge us? They will view themselves as the offspring of childish imbeciles. They will mock us. And if we allow the politically correct liberals and the morally uptight conservatives to continue to siphon the messages and ideas from our books and films, and replace them with banal clich├ęs and listless pandering banter, then our generation is fully deserving of their mockery. Do away with the Twilights and the Sex and the City's. Ignore the Michael Bay's and the Tim Burtons who try distract from an abhorrent lack of talent and vision with deplorable excesses of action and meaningless deviant character design. Let us wipe the "teen drama" and the "chick flick" and the "romantic comedy" from the face of our minds. Let us replace the 10 minute chase scene with a moving dialogue. Let us replace the falsified threesome with a long awaited embrace. Let us forsake the stream of profanity for the truly profound. Above all else, let us reclaim our entitlement to create a few memorable, enduring gems rather than a mountain of uninspired slag.

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